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Goodbye billable hour. Hello scalable revenue.

Screens helps you turn your contract expertise into digital products that are infinitely scalable. 

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Powered by AI, Created by You.

Screens lets you easily build your own AI contract review playbooks that let others review contracts just like you would. It’s a new way to scale your services, build your brand, and stand out as a leader in AI.

How to increase revenue with Screens - 3 ways

Publish a screen on the Community page

Have a unique perspective on what should be in a specific contract type under certain fact patterns? Build a screen, publish it on the Community, get paid every time someone uses it.

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Refer users to the platform

Once you've published a screen, you get a revenue share every time a user who first signed up for Screens on your Community page converts to a paying customer. 

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Build a subscription-based contract review offering

For practitioners looking to offer their clients a scalable, self-service, AI-powered contract review solution and transition away from the billable hour model and into higher-margin, subscription-based revenue models. We're compiling a list of such service providers for Screens customers to pick from.

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The hard part is already done.

Creating your own screens is as easy as writing down what you care about. That’s it. Write it down, upload contracts, and let us do the heavy lifting. The hard part was the many years you spent developing your contract expertise. Now you can sit back and find new ways to capitalize on your life’s work.



To publish a screen on the Community page, your screen must be approved by our internal review team. We’ll endeavor to make sure you have relevant experience in the contract area of your screen and check the screen itself to make sure it performs adequately, and offer tips where relevant. Once you’ve been approved to publish a screen, you’ll get a Certified Screen Creator badge on your profile and will be fast-tracked for future screens. 


How it works

  • You own your content and can remove it at any time
  • Publishing one or more screens gets you access to discounts on pro subscriptions to ensure you can continually test and improve your screen(s)
  • Every time someone uses your screen, you get paid
  • Every time someone converts from your screen to a paying customer, you get a revenue share
Your data is safe

Data Security

Privacy by Design

  • We don't train AI on your data, and neither do our partners
  • We don't use your contract data for any purpose except to deliver our services to you

Enterprise grade data security

  • SOC 2 certified
  • Regular penetration testing to identify and fix vulnerabilities

Shape the Future of Contract Review 

 Scale your expertise with the power of AI. Share your knowledge, gain recognition, and grow your business.