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Community Screens

Community screens let you review contracts from the unique perspective of expert screen creators. Use them as they are or customize to fit your needs.


Community Screens 101

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Vendor Contracts | For companies buying products or services from other companies.

From the mind of Andy Banquer ✨
Andy Banquer has built AI playbooks for large buy-side legal teams for years. This set of screens is a great starting point for any business to create different screens to use for first-pass third-party vendor contract review for different types of procurement transactions.

Privacy | For people or companies reviewing privacy policies, and for companies reviewing data processing agreements.

Building Blocks | Commonly used elements that you can copy and paste into your own screens.

Commercial Real Estate | For companies leasing commercial property. Want to contribute a screen? Get in Touch!

Consumer | For consumers to use with their attorneys to review contracts.

Confidentiality | For anyone signing NDAs (or similar). Want to contribute a screen? Get in Touch!

Healthcare | Navigate complex medical contracts and compliance in patient care and institutional management.

Fintech | For any business buying, licensing, or selling technology in the financial services sector.

M&A | For businesses to review large sets of contracts for common issues in M&A due diligence or similar transactions.


Shape the Future of Contract Review 

 We're looking to partner with contract experts to build more screens for any contract use case. Learn more about creating here

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