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Privacy Policies

The 9 Pillars of Privacy Policies: What Every User Should Expect

Colin S. Levy, Legal Technology Maven

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Designed For:

Individuals reviewing privacy policies for basic nuts and bolts. Companies drafting or revising privacy policies. Ensuring a privacy policy meets the typical minimum requirements for compliance with commonly applicable data privacy laws.



This AI Screen is tailored to identify and highlight critical inclusions in privacy policies, referred to as the "Seven Pillars". It encompasses privacy best practices. Privacy policies that pass this screen are more likely to be legally compliant, user-friendly, and transparent.


Limitations, Assumptions, Details:

The screen was tested on a diverse set of privacy policies from various industries and consistently identified key issues with an accuracy rate of 97%. This screen is a tool to assist in the review of privacy policies, but it does not replace professional legal judgment. Neither Screens nor the author of this screen offer legal advice. It is essential to consult with a privacy law expert to ensure full legal compliance and adequacy of your privacy policy. AI accuracy may vary based on the specific context of each privacy policy; it is crucial to conduct a thorough review beyond AI screening.



Colin S. Levy

Colin S. Levy is a prominent figure in the legal tech sphere, known for his insightful and prolific writing and speaking on the subject of legal tech. His expertise in corporate transactional law has been a springboard for his transition to a role as an educator and advocate in legal technology. Levy’s influence is evident in his authorship of “The Legal Tech Ecosystem,” an accessible introduction legal technology’s landscape, and his role as an editor of “The Handbook of Legal Tech,” a more comprehensive overview of the key sectors of legal tech, further establishing him as a thought leader in the field. His work emphasizes the importance of technological acumen in the legal profession, aiming to bridge the gap between the legal and tech worlds.


Author: Legal Tech Ecosystem Innovation Advancement