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Community Screens Partner Addendum


The terms in this Community Screens Partner Addendum (“CSP Addendum”) supplement the Screens Terms and Conditions and apply in the case where you contribute a “Screen” to the Screens community library.

  • 1. Content Ownership. Any Screen submitted to the Screens community library must be your own original work. The copyright in and to any Screen you contribute remains with you. Nothing in this CSP Addendum shall be construed to transfer any copyright to your Screen to Screens.

  • 2. Attribution.  Screens will always attribute you as the author of your Screen in the Screens community library and in related advertising material. Other than in connection with the previous sentence, Screens will not use your name or logo without your written permission. You acknowledge and agree that Screens customers are not required to attribute you as the author of your Screen when using your Screen in their own account. You agree to waive (or where a waiver is not possible, you agree not to enforce against Screens or its customer) any moral rights you have in respect of your Screen. For example, you agree that you can't take action against Screens or our customers if a customer doesn't attribute you as the author of your Screen, or they claim authorship of your Screen, or they materially alter your Screen.

  • 3. License Grant. By submitting any Screen to the Screens community library, you hereby grant Screens a worldwide, non-exclusive right and royalty-free license to use, reproduce, create derivative works of, store, publicly display, market, sublicense and sell any Screen uploaded by you and accepted by Screens. Screens may also use, reproduce, create derivative works of, store, publicly display, transmit, broadcast, adapt, and sublicense any Screen to promote, advertise, use for educational purposes, and otherwise market Screens, and develop and improve Screen’s products and services without additional compensation to you.

  • 4. Content Removal. You have the right to remove any Screen you created from the Screens community library at any time for any reason. Screens will use reasonable efforts to promptly cause the Screen to be removed from the Screens community library. However, you acknowledge that any Screen that was downloaded by Screens customers prior to your removal request will continue to exist and you agree that Screens has no obligation to remove the Screen from such Screens customers' accounts.