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TermScout Launches Screens, World’s First Marketplace for Lawyers to Build and Sell Contract Review AIs

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February 19 2024

TermScout, a pioneer in AI contracting solutions with a prestigious clientele including IBM, Lenovo, and NetApp, is proud to announce the launch of Screens, a groundbreaking platform designed specifically for lawyers to effortlessly develop and share their own AI-powered contract review tools.

“Our mission at TermScout has always been to simplify contract comprehension,” explained Otto Hanson, CEO of TermScout. “With the advent of GPT4, we discovered that the most effective way to achieve this is by creating a marketplace where legal professionals can construct and distribute contract review AIs. Now, experts can transform their expertise into tangible products, offering a novel avenue to generate revenue while imparting their insights to a broader audience.”

Access expert contract evaluations with minimal effort

David Tollen, esteemed author of The Tech Contracts Handbook and founder of Tech Contracts Academy®, commended Screens, stating, “Screens provides lawyers with a distinct and robust instrument for crafting and scrutinizing contracts. Through generative AI, Screens imparts essential knowledge swiftly and effectively, enabling immediate implementation.”

This innovative approach to crafting contract review AIs extends a unique opportunity to all contract reviewers. With Screens, users can access expert contract evaluations with minimal effort. Already, the platform features screens curated by experts in various fields including commercial real estate, privacy, fintech, SaaS, healthcare, and consumer law.

A vital resource for refining dispute resolution clauses

The American Arbitration Association recognizes the potential of Screens in enhancing dispute resolution practices. Diana Didia, Chief Information and Innovation Officer of the American Arbitration Association, remarked, “Screens offers a vital resource for refining dispute resolution clauses. By crafting screens for drafting efficient and enforceable dispute resolution provisions, the AAA shares its extensive expertise, aiming to mitigate unnecessary litigation.”

Hanson elaborated, “As recently as 2023, achieving frictionless contracting seemed distant. However, last year's breakthrough in generative AI propelled our progress. With the launch of Screens today, lawyers can now develop AI digital products with the ease of writing a simple blog post.”

Screens officially emerges from private beta today, offering plans tailored to diverse business and personal needs, including a free plan allowing five contract uploads per month.

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About TermScout and Screens:

Established in 2018, TermScout is a leading contract review and rating company trusted by global corporations such as IBM, Qualtrics, NetApp, and Lenovo. It pioneered the world's first contract certification and boasts the largest database of contract market data. Screens is an AI contract review platform empowering legal professionals to create and distribute digital contract review products. TermScout and Screens are supported by prominent investors including NFX, GroundUp Ventures, Techstars, and The LegalTech Fund. Learn more at


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