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Discover what matters in any contract

Screens lets expert attorneys program AIs so you can review contracts just like them.

Built by the same team behind TermScout, a contract AI company trusted by top legal departments. 

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Screen Anything?

Screen Anything

Screens are AI programs built by contract experts. They understand what should and shouldn't be in specific contracts under different fact patterns. Start with expert screens we've already published, or build your own.


Or create your own screen

Creating your own screens is as easy as writing down what you care about. That’s it. Write it down, upload contracts, and let Screens do the heavy lifting. Your screens are always private unless you share them.

Want to become a Certified Screen Creator?


"Screens enabled our team to reduce our document review efforts by 40% without sacrificing on accuracy."


Simon Boehme | COO, BillingNav

Store all your agreements in one place

Out of the box, Screens stores your contracts, with insanely powerful repository intelligence. Anything you want to know about any contract in your Screens account is always a few clicks away. Full repository for a fraction of the cost.

Agreements in one place
Your data is safe

Rest at ease knowing your data is safe

Privacy by Design

  • We don't train AI on your data, and neither do our partners
  • We don't use your contract data for any purpose except to deliver our services to you

Enterprise grade data security

  • SOC 2 certified
  • Regular penetration testing to identify and fix vulnerabilities

Finally, contract AI you can trust

We get it, trusting AI to review contracts is a little scary. That's why we founded Screens on two pillars to build trust:


Screens highlights relevant contract sections for easy verification so you can easily audit every result. Audit features are implemented without LLMs and are therefore incapable of hallucinating.


Screens enables accuracy monitoring, helping you gauge where to trust the AI and where human oversight remains crucial.

Contact AI you can trust

Pricing that fits any budget

Free Workspace $ 0.00 /mo
  • Unlimited Custom-built Screens
  • Unlimited Community Screens
  • 5 contract uploads per/month
  • Unlimited Collaboration
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Pro Workspace $ 149 / mo (with annual commitment)
  • Unlimited Custom-built Screens
  • Unlimited Community Screens
  • 50 contract uploads per/month
  • Unlimited Collaboration
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*Non-profits, law students, and law professors are eligible for 1 free Pro Workspace on an as-available basis. 

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