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Review and Redline Contracts 10X faster

Screens is the only contract AI solution that features community playbooks created by legal experts to kickoff your own contract review — all in Word.

Built by the same team behind TermScout, a leading contract AI company trusted by top legal departments.


Screens helps you work smarter, not harder

Screens is fast, wicked smart, and easy to use. It's like a paralegal and law firm partner coaching you from right inside Microsoft Word.


Review and redline any legal contract in minutes

Screens are contract review playbooks powered by AI and programmed by experts.


Run your screens in Microsoft Word and get instant redline suggestions, or run thousands of contracts at a time on the Screens app.

Create your own screens in minutes

Create customized screens based on the exact contract standards you and your clients are about.


Tell us the standards that matter to you, upload your contracts, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.  That's it. Your screens are always private unless you choose to share with others. 

No Code

Store all your agreements in one place

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing contracts scattered across folders and emails.


Screens stores your contracts using insanely powerful repository intelligence. Anything you want to know about any contract in your Screens account is always a few clicks away. Full repository for a fraction of the cost.

Pricing that fits any budget

Free Workspace $ 0.00 /mo
  • Unlimited Custom-built screens
  • Unlimited Community screens
  • 5 contract uploads per/month
  • Unlimited Collaboration
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Pro Workspace $ 149 / mo (with annual commitment)
  • Unlimited Custom-built screens
  • Unlimited Community screens
  • 50 contract uploads per/month
  • Unlimited Collaboration
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*Non-profits, law students, and law professors are eligible for 1 free Pro Workspace on an as-available basis. 

AI for lawyers, built by lawyers

Expert-crafted AI contract playbooks are one click away

What sets Screens apart? Some of the smartest attorneys in the world have built and published screens to help you get a head start on every contract review project. Say goodbye to plain AI and say hello to expert-crafted AI.

Finally, contract AI you can trust

We built Screens to be the most reliable and trustworthy contract AI on the market. Privacy, data security, and auditability are at the center of everything.


Screens enables accuracy monitoring, helping you gauge where to trust the AI and where human oversight remains crucial.


Powerful result auditing features are separated from LLMs by a firewall and are incapable of hallucinating.

Data Privacy

We prioritize your privacy and security, ensuring your data is used solely to provide our services and not for AI training. Our practices are SOC 2 certified, with regular penetration tests to safeguard against vulnerabilities.

Ready to simplify contract review?

Get started with contract playbooks created by legal experts in Commercial Real Estate, Privacy, Fintech, SaaS, Healthcare, Consumer Law and more.

  • Free Microsoft Word Add-In
  • Redline with AI Assist
  • Create and edit private screens
  • Track AI accuracy with validation
  • Bulk review documents