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Introduction to the Screens Community

The Screens Community is a marketplace where subject matter experts embed their knowledge into screens that you can use to review contracts just like they do.


The following will cover navigating the community, finding screens, and customizing them to meet specific requirements. We'll also show how to interpret the results after screening a document.

Get started with Screens Community

The Screens Community can be found here. Let's walk through the process:

1. Choose a screen to analyze any contract

Each screen features a detailed page that includes information about the audience who will benefit from the screen, its purpose, and the author of the screen.

  • Click on the Title of the screen to view more details.
  • Click + Get Screen to immediately add to your workspace.

Please Note: If you do not have a Screens account, you will be prompted to create one. It's free and no credit card is required. If you already have an account, by clicking + Get Screens, you will be taken directly to your workspace with the screen loaded into your viewport.  

screens community

The selected screen be will imported into your private workspace:

screens workspace

Once you've added a screen to your workspace, you can view all of the standards drafted by the screen creator.

2. Use screen or edit screen

Utilize the screen unchanged or customize the screen to align with your preferred requirements.

Whether you'd like to incorporate different language, include caveats, provide definitions, or tailor it to suit your preferences, you can make these edits to enhance the effectiveness of the AI in contract analysis, building upon the foundation of the community screen.

Each standards includes:

Definition: Pass/fail requirements that a document should meet.

Level of Importance: The relative weight assigned to this particular Standard.

AI Guidance: Additional validation instructions or guidelines provided to your AI prompt.

User Guidance: Additional information or guidance intended for end-users of this screen.

  • Navigate to the top right corner of the Standard card, click ...
  • Select Edit to modify.

screens configuration

3. Screen your contract

Add a document to screen.

  • In the right top corner, click Screen Document.
  • To upload your document, click Upload Document.
    • Choose to from File, URL, or Paste Text
  • Once uploaded, select the document and click Screen Document.

Your document will be queued up for screening:

choose a document

4. View screen results

You can see the StandardsScore, the number of passed and failed Standards, and a detailed breakdown of each Standard and Question:

screen results


Each standard's card contains details about the results.

  • Click on Learn More to review details.
    • Reasoning: the reasoning behind the AI output for why this standard has or has not been met 
    • Source Language: the citation showing where in the contract this specific language proves the veracity of the claims found
    • AI Guidance:  additional validation instructions or guidelines provided to your AI prompt
    • User Guidance: additional information or guidance intended for end-users of this screen

validation details

Feedback and Collaboration

We encourage you to have fun exploring and using the community screens. Share your feedback with us, and if you're interested in creating and sharing your own screen with the community, please let us know. We value your input in making Screens an even more powerful tool for contract review.

Thank you for being a part of the Screens community!