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Workspaces allow users to create collaborative environments to share documents and screens with their team members.

Creating and Managing Workspaces

  • Create a workspace within screens to collaborate with team members.
  • Each workspace is independent, keeping documents and screen results separate.
  • Only invited members can view or edit data within a workspace.

Upgrading Your Workspace

  • Upon account creation, you receive one free workspace with limited document uploads.
  • Upgrade to a Pro workspace for additional document uploads and features.
  • To upgrade, navigate to your workspace settings and select the upgrade option.

Inviting Team Members

  • Invite colleagues by entering their email addresses - they don't need to share your email domain.
  • Invited members receive an email with a link to join the workspace.

Navigating Between Workspaces

  • If you have multiple workspaces, you can switch between them to access the appropriate documents and screens.

Managing Workspace Subscriptions

  • Review and manage your workspace's subscription plan, including document upload limits and renewal dates.
  • Change plans or update billing details through the workspace's billing portal.
By following these steps, you can set up, customize, and manage your workspaces to improve collaboration and productivity.