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Small Works Contracts: Builder's Checklist

Sarah Fox, Speaker, Consultant & Trainer, 500 Words Ltd.

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Designed For:

Builders, contractors, trades and anyone reviewing agreements between a client and its builder/contractor on small works projects ie smaller value or lower-risk building and construction projects.



The purpose of this screen is to identify the essential elements that should be present to ensure you have a simple to understand but workable agreement. Clients tend to focus on payment terms and contractors tend to focus on price and scope. However as most small works project are one-offs the agreements need to be flexible enough to recognise how things may change. The standards were based on a short form contract and book aimed at the UK sector but most of the UK-specific (England/Wales) content has been moved to questions or the standard makes clear how the answers may differ for use in England/Wales.


Limitations, Assumptions, Details:

This screen was validated against 7 small works agreements and produced an average accuracy of 99%.

Disclaimer: This screen should be used with a lawyer, not in replacement of a lawyer. Neither Screens nor any screen author is or will provide you with legal advice. AI accuracy rates vary based on several factors so always double-check all AI predictions.


Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox is a recovering lawyer transforming the way people do business. After decades dealing with huge deals in the construction sector, she realised that long, complex and bad contracts were costing time, money, deals and relationships. And after all that, they were usually just shoved in a drawer! There was a better way. Now Sarah advocates for short, simple contracts starting with just 500 words. And inspires people across industries to streamline deals and enhance customer relations with contracts that represent their values, embed trust, and keep everyone protected. She loves confounding people’s expectations about contracts with her books and her keynotes.