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Prohibited Terms in Colorado Residential Leases


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Designed For:

Landlords, tenants, and legal professionals involved in drafting, reviewing, or understanding residential lease agreements within the state of Colorado.



This screen is crafted to identify and highlight terms that are not permitted in Colorado residential leases as per the Colorado Revised Statutes 38-12-801. Its primary objective is to provide users with a quick and accurate tool to spot any prohibited terms, ensuring compliance. This screen has been constructed using the guidelines set forth in the Colorado Revised Statutes 38-12-801.


Please note that the screen doesn't take into account the provisions of C.R.S.13-40-110, as this will be rendered obsolete post 1/1/2024.


Limitations, Assumptions, Details:

This screen should be used with a lawyer, not in replacement of a lawyer. Neither Screens nor any screen author is or will provide you with legal advice. Whether or not your lease complies with a particular law is a complex legal question that only your lawyer can answer. AI accuracy rates vary based on a number of factors so always double check all AI predictions.

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