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Non-Disclosure Agreement Red Flags


Contract AI Company


Designed For:

Individuals or businesses involved in the issuance or receipt of non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements pertaining to general commercial transactions.



This screen aims to highlight potential areas of concern within non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements. Built on the foundational principles of OneNDA, this screen provides users with insights into clauses or terms that may be disadvantageous, ambiguous, or potentially problematic.


Limitations, Assumptions, Details:

This screen is structured based on the universally recognized OneNDA principles. While it serves as a robust guide for identifying red flags, users should consult with legal professionals for a comprehensive evaluation of any agreement.

About TermScout


TermScout is a contract review and analytics company that is affiliated with Screens. We have a team of contract prompt engineers that can create and validate screens for clients based on their existing playbooks or templates.

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