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How to Contract: Low Risk Non-Disclosure Agreements

Laura Frederick, Founder and CEO, How to Contract

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Designed For:

Any company or person that is reviewing low-risk non-disclosure agreements related to commercial transactions.



The purpose of this screen is to identify landmines in your NDA that need specific review and consideration.


Limitations, Assumptions, Details:

This screen was validated against 10+ non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and produced an overall accuracy rate of 99%.

Disclaimer: This screen should be used with a lawyer, not in replacement of a lawyer. Neither Screens nor any screen author is or will provide you with legal advice. AI accuracy rates vary based on several factors so always double-check all AI predictions.


Laura Frederick

Laura Frederick

Laura is a tech transactions attorney. She spent 25+ years working on commercial contracts in Big Law firms like Morrison & Foerster and Fortune 500s like Tesla before opening in 2019 her own boutique law firm focused on vendor contracts. She launched How to Contract in 2021 to solve the challenge she’d had her whole career of finding practical training on how to draft and negotiate contracts in the real world. She’s helped thousands of lawyers and professionals get better at contracts by attending her courses, workshops, and the annual conference, ContractsCon. Her daily posting of practical contract tips won the trust of over 43,000 lawyers and professionals following her on LinkedIn. Laura’s book, Practical Tips on How to Contract, was recognized as a best-seller with over 7,000 copies sold and two editions published.