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Tech Contracts

Building Blocks: 70 Sample Standards

Max Buccelli, Legal Operations Manager, TermScout


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Designed For:

This Screen is designed to provide users with sample standards that have been tested for accuracy.



This Screen addresses 70 of the most common software contract terms. The standards covered in this document are not tailored to  specific positions but rather encompass a broad range of topics that are commonly included in software agreements. Use this Screen as-is, or copy and paste the Standards and AI Guidance into your own Screen and modify it to fit your needs.


Limitations, Assumptions, Details:

This Screen was validated against 20 software agreements (SaaS, Cloud, etc.) and produced a 99% accuracy rate. Disclaimer: Please note that this screen should be used along with a lawyer and not as a substitute for one. Screens or any screen author will not provide you with legal advice. Whether your agreement is suitable for you or your entity is a complex legal matter that only your lawyer can answer. The accuracy rates of AI vary based on various factors, so it is always recommended to double-check all AI predictions.


Max Buccelli

Max Buccelli

Max is a Legal Operations Manager at TermScout, where he applies specialized skills in AI prompt engineering to the development and refinement of Screens covering a range of contract types. His role extends to collaborating with Community Screen Creators, focusing on enhancing Screen efficacy and improving outcomes. Previously, Max led the Contracts team at a GovTech company, where he was responsible for managing legal operations and overseeing the review process for all revenue-related agreements.


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